Ravens are highly curious, dead clever, and love shiny objects. 

These are all attributes I strive to embody here at The Raven’s Chamber. 

In short, I use my curiosity to find clever solutions so you can shine!

These lists are not exhaustive. If there’s something you need help with and don’t see it, just send me a message.

  • Proofread slide decks, landing pages, and general copy
  • Review websites for broken links and outdated info
  • Transcription (videos or handwritten pages)
  • Research (people, places, and things)
  • Clean up presentation slides
  • Create presentations from provided information
  • Hourly rate is $30
  • Hours must be purchased in 5 or 10 hour blocks, prior to work starting
  • Work will be done until hours are used, and work will stop until additional hours are added to account
  • All unused hours are good for a year from the date of purchase
  • Coloring Pages (Pre-made, 8.5 x 11)
  • Quote Coloring Pages (Custom, 8.5 x 11)
  • Branding Board Creation (from already existing logo, color & font choices)
  • PDF Creation
  • File Conversion (pdf to jpg, jpg to png, etc)
  • Beta Read
  • Coloring Pages (Pre-made, 8.5 x 11)  – $5 or $20 per set of 5
  • Quote Coloring Pages (Custom, 8.5 x 11) – $50 per set of 5
  • Branding Board Creation (from already existing logo, color & font choices) – prices start at $30 per Branding Board
  • PDF Creation – prices start at up to 3 pages for $10
  • File Conversion ( jpg to png, etc) – prices start at $10 per  image
  • Beta Read: Up to 85K – $100 | Up to 150k – $200 (no Fantasy,  SciFi, or Erotica)

A Note About Coloring Pages

Coloring pages come in 3 prices per set of 5:

  • $5 for pre-made sets that are sold more than once. 
  • $20 for pre-made sets sold only once. 
  • $50 for custom coloring pages. 

All $5 pre-made sets will be available at my Custom Fabrica store. (Please note, this is an affiliate link.)  

$20 pre-made sets will be made upon request for a specific theme. You can order credits on the Order Page and send me your requested theme in an email. Examples of themes would be Adventure, Love & Romance, and Military. 

$50 custom quotes sets will be made to order, based on quotes and information provided. Please note, you MUST own the copyright to the quotes you’re requesting OR they must be in the public domain. It is up to you as the purchaser to make sure you don’t run afoul of any copyright issues. You can order credits on the Order Page and send me your quotes in an email.

About Me

I’m Keiti. I’ve worked in a number of different fields over the years, ranging from music retail and music import to summer camp and real estate to medical care sales and the nuclear industry, and a whole lot in between. I began working as a Virtual Assistant in 2011, and haven’t looked back. I love helping others achieve their goals, and I hope I can help you do the same.

A little bit about me: I grew up traveling as part of a circus; I mean an Army family. It felt like a circus at times with moving on average every two to three years. I got to travel throughout Europe and the Middle East as a kid, which means I have a hard time staying in one place for more than a year or two. I combat “itchy feet” syndrome by rearranging the furniture. College and university was always about traveling to different place more than it was getting a degree. Despite this, I managed a BA and an MLitt, the former in Creative Writing / English Lit from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA, and the latter in The Gothic Imagination (aka Gothic Literature) from the University of Stirling, in Stirling, Scotland.

I currently call east central Florida home, but I am pretty much ready for my next adventure. Beyond that, I write and plot world domination in my spare time.